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Is there a pressing matter? If you don't do that, you won't have to think about Bubble Shooter Pro because it is a game that is so incredibly addicting that it can keep you playing for hours on end. The objective is to accumulate as many points as you can while removing every bubble from the board. Remove them by popping two or more bubbles of the same color as the ball. You earn extra points for shooting a larger number of bubbles at once. This is incorrect if bubbles are not exploded, and if there are any additional mistakes, a new line of bubbles will develop at the top. Enjoy the best Bubble Shooter game online right now by playing Bubble Shooter Pro!

In the straightforward yet addictive "match three" puzzle game Bubble Shooter Pro, you shoot colored balls into a vast field of other balls. The aim? To clear the screen, connect three or more balls of the same color.
Although the idea seems simple, playing properly requires some expertise. While there are only a limited number of upward angles from which you can shoot your balls, you also have access to a ricochet move. You can bounce balls off the wall and up into spaces where a straight shot could never go by clearing the sides of the screen.

Bubble Shooter Pro has a scoring system in addition to the satisfaction of ricocheting a ball into a group of five or more connected balls. When a ball cluster matches your shot, the balls cascade into one of the five regions at the bottom of the screen, where they land and award varying scores.
The only thing that will end your fun is if the ball wall drops too low, aside from the occasional ad interruption. Your game is ended if any portion is too low to allow you to shoot.

How To Play Bubble Shooter Pro

Using Mouse


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