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The origin of Buckshot Roulette

Crafted by the expert game artisan, Meet Mike Klubnika, Buckshot Roulette made its debut on itch.io on December 29th, 2023. This indie marvel boldly steps away from the ordinary, immersing players in an edge-of-the-seat experience enriched with unforeseen twists.

Buckshot Roulette - A Game Echoing in the Halls of 2024

Buckshot Roulette journey by designating a dealer armed with a shotgun and shells, as others eagerly assume the role of gamblers, poised around the roulette table.

Venture into the in-game store, armed with an initial allowance of 666, and seize a shotgun (with a price tag of 666) along with complimentary ammo. Ensure a triumvirate of players stand ready for the impending thrill.

Gameplay of Buckshot Roulette

Imagine two players at the table. Determine the bettor through a coin toss or vote. The bettor can wager 1 to 3 drops, aiming to keep their role and increase the chance of eliminating the non-bettor in the next turn. After bets are placed, the dealer aims the loaded shotgun at the non-betting player, leading to two potential outcomes.

If the shotgun doesn't misfire, the bettor forfeits their role to the non-bettor, who can now only wager a higher number of drops.
If the shotgun misfires, the non-bettor exits, and the potential betted drops reset.
If the non-bettor survives, the departing bettor must wager their last drops on themselves before passing on the title.

Explore the game's tabletop with an engaging interface, promising a quick 15 to 20-minute playthrough. An AI ensures fairness based on evolving game dynamics, offering unscripted rounds with unexpected yet unpredictable outcomes.

How to Control?

Visit https://buckshotroulette.io/, load and shoot with extremely simple operations. Rack the slide, spin the cylinder, aim, and pull the trigger while navigating the mind games.


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