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Welcome to Bubble Shooter! Where the goal is to have fun, play some awesome free online games—and keep beating your high score! Believed that it’s the simplicity of Bubble Shooter that keeps our gamers coming back! But it’s also the high quality of our games. You see, they create online games with you in mind.

You’re the guest, and at Bubble Shooter, the developer like to roll out the red carpet. That means they’ve curated the ultimate free online game experience. They’ve built, designed, and given their visitors access to timeless classic games.

Have a look the the UI of the game, the video would tell you how to play and more tips for playing this game

Constructed by gamers, for gamers

Would you want to know the reason why Bubble Shooter has been so phenomenal and globally beloved by gamers? Because the developers, love online games as much as you do. They are also real gamers, and they understand what it takes for a game to be fun, rewarding, attractive, and satisfying. Every single game they built is customized for people who love games. They inject fun into every single level, every game, and every design. The creator wants their players to immerse themselves into Bubble Shooter, the website with amazing, free online gaming!

The rules of bubble shooter, how to play

When you start Bubble Shooter game, you’ll see many bubbles on your screen ready for you to pop them. You will have a bubble cannon at the bottom end of your screen with a bubble. The target of this game is to make all of the bubbles of the same color touch. Use your mouse to move the Bubble Shooter in a given direction to shoot the right bubble into the desired spot. For example, You see two bubbles on the left side of the screen, and your bubble shooter has a blue bubble ready to launch. Point the bubble shooter cannon at the two blue bubbles and fire away! Once your blue bubble touches the other two blue bubbles… POP! All of them will disappear.

Once you rid the entire screen of bubbles—YOU WIN! PRO TIP: Aim to pop bubbles that have bubbles underneath them! Once you pop a bubble, all bubbles underneath them that aren’t connected to other unpopped bubbles will disappear. Where Bubble Shooter gets fun, is when you connect MORE than 3 bubbles of the same color with a single bubble! This maximizes your points and your high score! Our gamers come back time and time again to PERFECT their game and BEAT their high scores! The goal of the game is to get THE HIGHEST SCORE POSSIBLE! So use your bubbles wisely, and make sure you shoot the bubbles in the right places!

Tips for being awesome at Bubble Shooter game

I want to let you in on some secrets to getting your highest score ever on Bubble Shooter.


In the game, there is no time limit, so you can kick back, relax, and make your moves strategically. Players with very high scores use this tip to make the right moves at the right times. Scan the screen a few times before pulling the trigger on your Bubble Shooter. Once you’ve locked onto the target that’s going to get you the most points...FIRE!


What some players don’t realize, is that on the left side of your screen you’ll be able to SEE the next bubble color. That means you can plan your moves one step ahead! Bubble Shooter is like a game of Checkers! Make as strategic moves as you can that are going to set you up for your next Bubble Shooter shot! If you start thinking a few moves in advance, that’s when you start to see those high scores climb higher!


Actually, there are points in your Bubble Shooter game where you’ll be faced with obstacles in the form of bubbles that are not the color of the bubble you’re shooting. Don’t sweat! On your screen there are borders. These borders contain the bubbles inside the playing area. The SECRET: Your bubbles BOUNCE off these borders! Get around obstacles like a game of pool by strategically bouncing your bubbles AROUND obstacles!


You’ll notice that as the game progresses if you’re not making the correct moves, the bubbles will get closer and closer to the ground. If you notice this happening, you only have a few moves to remedy the situation! Once the bubbles reach the ground, it’s GAME OVER! That’s no good! To keep BREAKING those high scores, ensure you’re always managing the distance between the lowest bubble and the ground.


When many bubbles of the same color are bunched together, shoot your bubble of that same color in there for a combo shot! If you’re able to pop the bubbles above the other bubbles below them—ALL OF THE BUBBLES UNDERNEATH THEM WILL FALL! This is an AWESOME way to rack up that score! Plus, let’s face it‚it’s one of the most satisfying parts of Bubble Shooter!


Here’s a little tidbit for you: We add new games EVERY WEEK! We make sure our visitors never get bored by adding classic, epic, fun arcade-style games every week. From Bubble Shooter remakes to card games, and more—we NEVER stop working to keep you entertained! So make sure you keep checking the Bubble Shooter website every week!

No downloads required

At Bubble Shooter, they don’t want to add any stress to your lives— they want our gaming hub to be a place where you can unwind! That’s why they never require any downloads on our website. The only time you’ll have to download anything is if you’re downloading our mobile apps. Therefore, the games will take up ZERO space on your computer, which our users love. One thing you might notice when you start playing our incredible lineup of free online games is that you’ll begin to get competitive! You’ll continually strive not only to break YOUR highest scores but those of your friends! Nothing wrong with a little friendly rivalry! Hence, to ensure that you’re kicking everyone’s butt—follow the tips we listed above and make the right moves! Pop your bubbles strategically, and you’ll ensure total victory!



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