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In the bubble shooter game Bubble Hit, the player must pop the bubbles before they touch the ground. By creating combinations with three or more pieces of the same color, bubbles can be popped. The bubbles will stick together and one point will be deducted from the bubble countdown if a shot doesn't produce a legal combination. A new row of bubbles will appear at the top of the screen when the countdown reaches zero.

What is Bubble Hit's gameplay?

The bubble cannon can be used by the player to aim and fire bubbles into the air. Players can consider this while choosing which bubble clusters to target because the bottom of the screen displays the bubbles that will be shot into the cannon next.

A basic yet addictive game is Bubble Hit. Aiming a colored bubble into an upward group of other colored bubbles in such a way that it links to at least 3 other bubbles of the same color, the player's objective is to score as many points as they can. Players can bounce their bubbles off the corners of the screen if it appears that hitting a cluster directly would be impossible. Unfortunately, players will have to calculate the rebound angle manually because, unlike other games of a similar nature, Bubble Hit does not display the direction of the rebound.

Simply place your cursor where you want the shot to go, account for any necessary banking of your shot, and click your mouse to start playing Bubble Hit. The color that will be loaded into your cannon next may be seen, along with a counter showing a number between 0 and 5. The counter indicates how many rounds you must fire before a row of bubbles with fresh bubbles on the way descends from the stack. Every successful join of three or more bubbles of the same color that you score slows down the clock, giving you more time to line up a good shot.

How To Play Bubble Hit

Using Mouse


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