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Penguin Bubble-Shot Master is a new bubble shooting game with a fantastic new bubble shooting algorithm, very cleverly crafted Penguin Bubble Shooter levels, one-of-a-kind high-quality graphics, and a very smooth and friendly gameplay that will take you to the highest level of fun and excitement from any Penguin Bubble - Shot Master game ever.

In the game Bubble Penguins, assist the cute penguins in their battle with the multi-colored bubbles. When the penguins awoke in the morning, they noticed an unusual multicolored cluster in the sky that was gradually approaching the Earth. When it reached the visible zone, it revealed that these are colored bubbles glued together. Sharikov is becoming more prevalent, endangering the safety of birds. The balls will soon close the sun, but this will not affect the people of Antarctica. A pair of resourceful friends dug up an old cannon in the snow; it was the remnant of a ship that had long ago collided with an ice floe near the shore. The cannon was washed ashore by the waves, and the birds carefully concealed it; now the cannon was useful. Penguin gunners are still around, so get down to business in the game Bubble Penguins and deal with the bubbles. Shoot groups of three or more identical bubbles, causing them to detach from the main group and burst. Frost will increase and freeze balls on a regular basis; use bombs to destroy them. If the scale at the top of the screen is full, the level has been completed. In the game Bubble Penguins, the bombardment is continuous; try to complete all levels.

How To Play Bubble Penguins

- To get directions, tap and swipe anywhere on the screen.
- SHOOT the Penguin Bubble Shooter by releasing the Tap.
- Pop the Penguin Bubble Shooter by matching three or more of the same colored bubbles.
- To complete the level, save all penguins.
- To get a higher score, try to get three stars on each level.


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