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Do you like bubble games? Get ready for a fun-packed adrenaline rush! In Bubble Shooter HD 2, you take on the role of one of three bubble gun masters who must guide falling bubbles toward a target in order to create the most score. The closer you get to your target, the bigger the bubble that gets released; however, this can also result in more bubbles hitting your current bubble line and creating more confetti than ever before. The game takes plenty of arcade-style hits from traditional bubble games to classic Bubble Shooter frisbee levels, but for us purists, it's all about that scoring streak! Shoot as many bubbles as you can to rack up points and take home a cash prize! How to play: Tap on Bubble Shooter Hd 2 to start playing. As soon as you start playing, select one of the three bubble gun masters by tapping on the icons in front of them Left Arrow key => Bubble Gun Master I, Right Arrow key => Bubble Gun Master II). After that's done, tap anywhere else on the screen to begin shooting bubbles! If you're having trouble keeping up with everything or just want a challenge, practice makes perfect since there are hidden secret levels where even more points are at stake! Check out our in-app purchase section if you're looking for some extra bonuses and power-ups: There are over fifty different sorts of power-ups in this game so choose wisely! 

Destroy the bubbles by matching three or more of the same color. Don’t let the bubbles get to you - it’s just a game! But once you start playing, you’ll be sucked into an exciting world of change and turbulence that will have you shooting bubbles like a pro in no time! region Bubble Shooter Hd 2 is an addicting arcade game where your task is to destroy as many bubbles as possible by matching three or more same-colored bubbles of the same kind. Destroy all the bubbles in order to proceed to the next level. Have Fun!!!

Game Features:

– Simple yet challenging gameplay

– Easy controls and lovely music

– Highly addictive and fun for everyone 

Your aim in the game is to clear the screen of all bubbles using only as many bubbles as possible. To do that, you have to tap on the desired bubble. Bubbles can pass through other bubbles but not through yourself. Make sure not to let any bubbles pass your bubble until they have completely left the screen. Have fun! 

How To Play Bubble Shooter HD 2

Using Mouse

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