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You are in control of the team. You need to get the ball into the opposition goal without getting it to burst. To do this, you’ll need to shoot the bubbles that they throw at you. There are three types of bubbles present in this game: fire, Freeze and Pop. The principle is pretty simple; you aim to pop as many bubbles as possible by matching their colors and firing your bubble shooter properly. Try your best and see how far you can rank! This game will challenge your reflexes and focus as well as your brain. All you have to do is line up shots correctly to pass the level and try not to burst any bubbles along the way! Have fun with Bubble Shooter Soccer 2 – a fast-paced, skill-based bubble shooter arcade game! Features: - Simple yet challenging play interface - 3 different difficulty levels - Easy & Hard challenging modes - Addictive gameplay with nice graphics & music - Simple & effective scoreboard for tracking points and levels Completed levels - Achievable via in-game achievements or continuous play This game is one of the most addictive bubble shooter games available for android mobile devices. There are various types of bubble shooters out there that you can choose from but this game is unique in its own way by challenging you with a set of difficult conditions like time limit, low score objective, etc. 

Bubble Shooter Soccer 2 is an Arcade Game. Use the mouse to Aim and Shoot the Bubbles. Get More Stars to Unlock New Levels & Other Add-Ons! The popular Bubble Shooter soccer game returns, with more challenging levels, more stars, and a whole new design! Increase your score by playing minigames that are specific to each level. Get extra lives or increase your time on each stage. Play against friends or AI opponents in online or local matches and become a leader of the world bubble shooting community! The game comes with 5 different modes of play: Arcade - Defeat the clock and get as many points as possible in this simple mode. Defeating time is easier when you have friends to help out. Multiplayer - Challenge friends or the computer in this single-player mode where you take on waves of bubble targets. Practice your aim and your shooting skills for a greater challenge. Training - Improve your skills by playing through different levels one after another. Complete all the levels without missing any bubbles until you reach the top scoring level, then see how long you can last in this difficult mode. 


How To Play Bubble Shooter Soccer 2

Using Mouse

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