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Spring has sprung and there are numerous varieties of flowers around in Flower Shooter. To demonstrate your hand-eye coordination, grab your cannon and try to pop as many flowers as you can. This vibrant and engaging game has a lot to offer, including numerous difficult levels to accomplish. Start playing now!

You must shoot each and every one of the vibrant flowers to advance through the game's numerous levels. While selecting flowers may seem simple, you must precisely time your shots in this game. Click on the play button on the main menu to begin playing with your mouse. Your cannon is on the left side of the screen on each level, while the flowers are on the right side of the screen, traveling in various directions. To fire, simply click on the screen, but watch your ammo. You'll lose the game if you run out of it before picking all of the flowers. By using your coins, you can use two distinct power-ups. The first one lets you slow down time, and the second one makes each of your shots fire three rounds. You can spend the coins you earn from completing stages to unlock additional cannons and backdrops. Enjoy!


How To Play Flowers Shooter

Using Mouse

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