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This is the original 1994 version of the puzzle-bobble game. It is currently playable in your browser. This is a complete port of the Taito puzzle game Puzzle Bobble. Every element of the original game is included. including the well-known epic soundtrack
Puzzle with Bob and Bub BobbleRemove all the bubbles to help Bub and Bob succeed in each of the testing levels. Every level will get a little tougher. However, it's a good idea to inspect each level to see if there are any simple shortcuts because some levels already have them.
The arrow keys are used to maneuver the shooter, while the spacebar is used to release a bobble.

The arcade game known as Puzzle Bobble, which was converted to the NeoGeo, was popular in the 1980s and 1990s and had numerous play rooms. It was typically available for 50 cents, and later for $1 per game.
Taito also held some puzzle bobble competitions in the 1990s to determine the top puzzle bobble players. The objective was to score as many points and end the game quickly as possible. This popular arcade game is being played all over the world by players!

But take care—not everyone will enjoy this game. A typical player advances to round five. A strong player will reach level 8, and only professionals go to level 9. The game will get a little bit simpler again around level 9. How far can you go? Please share in the comments.
The game is over, all the bubbles turn grey or black, and you are unable to make any more moves if the row touches the ground.
Watch the player complete level 9, which is fairly nice in the puzzle game Puzzle Bobble, in this video.

How to play:

In this unique puzzle-bobble game, finish every level. Shoot all bubbles with 3- or more-item combinations, and use big combos to move through the stages rapidly.

How To Play Puzzle Bobble

Using Mouse


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