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SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter is a game for all ages. In this arcade game, you will be playing against the computer or other players around the world. This game requires quick reflexes and concentration. Start by shooting down as many bubbles as you can. Once you are finished shooting, it’s time to deal with the Bubbles! You have three types of bubbles to match your strategy: stationary bubbles that float in one spot, mobile (bubble) bubbles that move about randomly, and explosive (fireball) Bubbles that pop when hit. The object of SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter games is to eliminate all the Bubbles in a set amount of time and score the highest point.

Are you ready to bubble up and pop those bubbles? Bubble Shooter, game, arcade, bubbles, puzzle, bubble shooter, arcade What’s the biggest bubble-popping event of the year? The annual SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter Championship! Participate in this global championship and be the bubble shooting champion. You can win massive cash prizes if you win regional and international crowns. But how do you become a world-class shooter? Check out our SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter walkthrough for details on how to win money and glory by popping more than 250 million bubbles.

Let's play SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter! Shoot bubbles to clear the arena. Simple right?

How To Play SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter

Using Mouse

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